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Ranger Belt, Enhanced


Belt is high quality and very stiff. The belt is awsome! If you need to slide your holster or mag holder on the belt it will be difficult with some model holsters and if not impossible. The buckle while heavy duty and well built stared to corrode on the top latch and frozed up after 3 months (oiled and free up) but after about 6 months it totaly froze from sweat (perspiration). Rating this belt is hard because the belt is a 5 star and the buckle is a 1 star

The buckle corrosion was covered under our warranty at no cost to the customer, as would any other issue be. Unfortunately, this is one of the downsides to aluminum/brass for certain people; some of us have more acidic sweat than others. If this describes you (the reader), you may be more interested in our Aegis family of belts, as their Stainless Steel buckles will never have that issue.
Date Added: 07/20/2014 by thomas wilson
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