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Ranger Belt


Other than holster selection, no other piece of gear is more important than a belt for comfortable and practical carry of a firearm or other life-saving gear. The ranger belt from ares gear is without exception the greatest implement you can deploy as part of your daily kit. The belt is expensive: but the world of firearms and assorted kit has always been a world of you get what you pay for. And this belt is literally worth twice what you pay for it. The customer service from ares is incredible. My first ranger was damaged due to some cutting that had nothing to do with manufacturing quality. Ares was under no obligation to do anything other than sell me another belt. They still hooked me up with a great price on a new one.

During normal wear, or even hard use, this belt is completely indestructible. It pairs perfectly with my raven light bearing phantom. It holds up a full size pistol with light and an extra magazine and doesn't bat an eyelash at the weight.

10/5 would operate with indefinitely. Amazing product.
Date Added: 05/01/2014 by Jacob Terry
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