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LE Duty Belt, OUTER (Gen2)


I’ve waited a few months to write my review so that I could really be sure that I had field tested my outer duty belt. There’s no doubt in my mind that Aresgear makes a top notch quality product that will last me for years of hard use. I’m a rural area police officer and my gear gets put through the ringer. I’ve had an aegis enhanced belt for years which has held up beautifully so getting a duty belt (when my crappy synthetic Sam brown looked raggedy) wasn’t really like taking a blind leap or anything. First impressions are that it, like the aegis belt, is sturdy. Which is one of my complaints about every duty belt I’ve had in the past decade plus. The more rigid the belt, the more evenly distributed the weight on it is. I’ve had some sciatic issues from the job but with this belt, it is really no longer an issue. I never would have believed it. The webbing is going to last years. No polishing necessary! Plus, my gear looks way more high speed than my partners and I catch other officers checking out my setup all the time! So here’s something to be aware of when ordering... You really kind of do need to buy the right size. There’s a little room for going up or down but if you’re on the smaller side of the range for a particular belt size, you may need to size down to the next smaller size. The Velcro is super grippy so I don’t even need to wear keepers (I wear a set for around my holster just out of paranoia though). Also, unlike my last crappy Velcro style belt, they have reversed the inner/outer belt Velcro so when you take your gear off, your stupid inner belt doesn’t attach to everything. All in all, I can truly give this outer belt a five star rating!
Date Added: 04/03/2018 by Maia M.
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